My Blogger Recognition Award

Hey my lovelies… I am extremely honored to receive my first Blog Award. This Blogger Recognition Award is certainly a good way to spread the love. Thank you so so much Cayla!!! Go and check out her blog “I get lost in Sound and Space”. She is just the sweetest ever, with great style and […]

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Constellation Translation

Greetings, fellow Zodiac Enthusiasts 🙂 If you haven’t heard as yet, well… there’s a new boy in town and he’s changing everything. I am holding him responsible for everything that has gone wrong thus far. I guess it isn’t his fault, if you really really think about it, but still, I need someone to blame 😉 Ophiuchus is […]

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I’m a Cool Girl

Hey Cool Girls 🙂 I know I have done a post with an all-black look, but, this is something different. Black is such a powerful colour. I think it reflects boldness yet simplicity. Boldness represents confidence, which brings me to this… There are so many women out there trying so very hard to help others […]

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Rocking Ruffles

Hey Fashionistas 🙂 When I think ruffles… I imagine flaps and frills all over. Kind of layers over-lapping layers. When I think camisole…I imagine something ugly that is worn on the inside. But I wanted something a bit less frilly, pretty and simple. I recently invested in this Ruffle Camisole from Mr Price Clothing. Thanks Mr Price, […]

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The 7 Wonders Of My Week

Hey, Hope everyone is well… This weekend was extremely awesome. It was a total girl’s weekend for my cousin and I. We didn’t get up to any crazy stuff but we did catch a movie and shopped till we dropped (literally) and now I’m broke and crying on the inside (like a winner). Despite having […]

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